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Gift of Warmth

The Gift of Warmth is a digital gift card that is applied directly to a Peoples customer's account.

Through our partnership with ACI Speedpay, you can now purchase a Gift of Warmth digital gift card for any current Peoples customer in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Kentucky. Whether you're hoping to help an elderly parent by taking care of their gas bill this month, or give your college student a bit of breathing room, or just surprise a friend or family member, the Gift of Warmth is a personal, practical gift that shows you care!

  • Purchase a Gift of Warmth

    • Visit our Gift of Warmth site through ACI Speedpay. Click "Login" to get started.

    • Input your information under "Gifter" information. 

    • Click the option to "Show Receiver's Address" and type in the information of the person receiving the Gift of Warmth. The only information required is the customer's name and full address. The customer's account number and email address are optional.

    • Input your Payment Method.

    • Choose your dollar amount under Payment Information.

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  • How It Works

    • The Gift of Warmth gift cards are purchased through our trusted partner, ACI Speedpay.

    • Payments can be made up to $1,000 per transaction and may be subject to a third party convenience fee.

    • The gifted amount will be posted directly to the customer's account within a couple of business days. 

    • Once you purchase a Gift of Warmth, you will receive an email receipt. If you also provide the recipient's email address, the recipient will receive an email confirmation, too. If you do not provide the recipient's email address, it is your responsibility to notify the recipient about the Gift of Warmth payment to their account.

    • If the Gift of Warmth dollar amount is greater than the customer's current balance, the remainder of the Gift of Warmth will stay in the customer's account as a credit, and will be used towards the customer's next bill.