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Direct Debit

Our Direct Debit program deducts the amount of your monthly gas bill directly from your checking or savings account. No writing checks, buying stamps, or mailing a payment.

To enroll in Direct Debit, all you need to do is register or login to our Peoples e-Account customer portal site. Have your bank information (routing and account number) and proceed to the Payment Method screen located in the Payment section on the left side. Click on the Bank Accounts tab and then the Add Bank Account button to add your account information. Then choose the Direct Debit option. You can access Peoples e-Account here.

When does Peoples process my payment?

Anywhere from 11 to 21 days after billing. You tell us the number of days after billing you’d like us to process your payment. For example, if you choose 12 days, we will draft your payment on or after the 12th calendar day following each bill date.

After enrolling, when can I stop writing checks?

We will print a special message on your bill indicating the date we will draft your bank account. Your monthly bank statement will show your account number and the amount and date of the bill payment.

What if I change banks?

We need to know! If you change banks, you must login to the Peoples e-Account portal site and update your stored Bank Account information.