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Pennsylvania Residents Get Help With Gas Bill

If you're a Peoples customer in Pennsylvania, below you'll find programs to help you with your gas bill and reduce energy costs.

Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP)

Our Low Income Usage Reduction Program is a weatherization program that helps customers reduce energy costs. To "weatherize" your home, we would help make your home more energy efficient, which will help you save money heating and cooling your home.

Here are just a few examples of weatherization measures: heating system improvements, attic and wall caulking, insulation, and weather-stripping.


To see if you are eligible for our LIURP weatherization improvements, we'll look at the following requirements:

  • Your household income must meet the guidelines below.
  • You must have lived in the home for at least one year.

2016-2017 Federal Poverty Guidelines
LIURP / Emergency Furnace and Line Repair

Family SizeMonthYear
1 $1,980 $23,760
2 $2,670 $32,040
3 $3,360 $40,320
4 $4,050 $48,600
5 $4,740 $56,880
6 $5,430 $65,610
7 $6,122 $73,460
8 $6,815 $81,780
For each additional person, add: $693 $8,320

The Emergency Furnace and Line Repair Program is a part of LIURP. This program provides assistance to income eligible customers with furnace and houseline repair issues. The Emergency Furnace and Line Repair Program uses the same income guidelines as LIURP. The only additional requirement is that you must own your home.

Customer Assistance Referral & Evaluation Services (CARES)

Peoples understands that temporary hardships such as loss of employment or loss of income caused by injury, illness, or the death of a wage earner may result in payment problems.

Peoples CARES representatives help customers who are experiencing a temporary hardship by referring those customers to energy assistance programs, housing programs, food programs, budget counseling, social security/disability, and other assistance programs specific to the customer's needs.

2016-2017 CARES Eligibility Guidelines



2 $2,670 $32.040
3 $3,360 $48,600
4 $4,050 $48,500
5 $4,740 $56,880
6 $5,430 $65,610

*For each additional household member, add $693 or $8,320 per year.

To learn more about the CARES, please review some of the program options below, or dial 1-800-400-WARM (9276) and a representative will be happy to help you.

Thermostats for the Visually Impaired

A special large dial thermostat is installed in the customer's home, at no charge, for vision impaired customers. The thermostat cover produces an audible clicking sound as the thermostat is being adjusted. This sound allows vision impaired customers to count how many degrees they have raised or lowered their thermostat.

To request a special thermostat, please call 1-800-400-WARM (9276), or call Pittsburgh Vision Services at 1-800-706-5050. Proof of vision impairment is required.

Large Print Bills

Peoples customers who have vision impairment may request to receive a large print bill summary. The customer will receive the current monthly bill, and in addition, they will receive an enlarged summary page. To request a large print bill, please contact 1-800-400-WARM (9276).

Braille Bills

Visually impaired customers may request to receive a Braille bill at no cost. The customer will receive the current monthly bill, and in addition, they will receive a Braille bill. To request a Braille bill, please contact 1-800-400-WARM (9276)

Pennsylvania Relay Service

Hearing-impaired or speech disabled customers can use the Pennsylvania Relay Service to communicate with Peoples. This service allows users to utilize a Communications Assistance person to relay the message to another person. The Pennsylvania Relay Service number is 711, or 1-800-654-5988.

Third Party Notice

Peoples Third Party notice lets any customer designate a friend, relative, clergy person, or even Social Service agency to be notified before service is terminated for non-payment. To learn more about Third Party Notice, click here.

Protection from Abuse Order

If a customer has a valid Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) from a court, service cannot be terminated during the winter without PUC permission. There are also some additional protection options available to you. Please call us at 1-800-400-WARM (9276) so we can help you. You must provide a copy of the PFA order.

Other Helpful Resources

  • PA 211 Southwest

    PA 2-1-1 Southwest is a resource that connects Pennsylvania residents with community, health, and disaster services through a free, 24/7 confidential phone service. 2-1-1 is a FREE, accessible, 3-digit telephone number available to everyone. By calling 2-1-1, you will have easy access to customized health, housing, and human services information in one place. Assistance is confidential and is a great way to connect you or a loved one with community resources that can help.

    PA 2-1-1 Southwest serves the following 11 Counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Mercer, Washington, and Westmoreland.

    PA 211 Southwest
  • Pennsylvania's Keystone HELP Program

    The Keystone HELP® program offers low-rate loans to help make affordable, energy efficiency home improvements (such as heating and cooling systems, insulation, windows, and "whole house" improvements). Keystone HELP® is administered by AFC First Financial Corporation, a Pennsylvania energy efficiency lender.

    Pennsylvania homeowners who own and are making qualifying improvements to their 1 to 2 unit primary residence located in Pennsylvania are eligible. Please visit Keystone HELP for guidelines and to see if you qualify.

    Keystone HELP Program
  • PA Homeowners Energy Efficiency Loan Program (HEELP)

    Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency's "Homeowners Energy Efficiency Loan Program" (HEELP) offers 1% APR loans up to $10,000 for specific energy efficiency repairs for low and moderate income households. The loans can pay for:

    • Air sealing, insulation, and ductwork
    • Energy-efficient windows and doors
    • Energy-efficient heating or cooling system repairs or replacements
    • Roof replacements

    For more information about HEELP, please visit the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. You can also email HOP_Energy@phfa.org and specify "HEELP" in the subject line, or call the PHFA at 800-822-1174.