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At Peoples, contractors are an essential part to our new construction process. Below, you'll find the information and forms you need to make your jobs easier.

Ditch, Dust, and Backfill Process

"Ditch, dust, and backfill" is a process during which the developer provides a clean trench for a gas line. Peoples will install, test, and connect the gas mainline during a single visit to the job site. When finished, a thin layer of dust is applied over the mainline to prevent damage. The remainder of the ditch is then backfilled. Excavating the trench can be done in conjunction with your other utility installation, thus allowing greater flexibility in scheduling your work and minimizing your wait time on utility crews. Review the Ditch, Dust, and Backfill Process for more information. 

  1. For the most trouble-free and reliable service, talk to Peoples at the start of your lot plan contouring. Follow the ditch, dust, and backfill specifications in order to clearly direct your excavation crew during service and mainline installation. Doing so will minimize on-site confusion between utilities.

  2. This process reduces the timeline for your project completion by giving you control over trenching, which is the biggest part of the mainline installation.

  3. Adhering to these ditch, dust, and backfill specifications from Peoples will ensure safe and accurate ditch installation and provide more assurance that you've met code compliance.

    • Uniformity of the ditch affords solid and continuous support of the mainline.
    • Ditch depth at a minimum of 30 inches from the top of pipe to the final grade provides safe, worry-free installation.
    • The ditch must be free from debris.
    • Padding in the ditch must be comprised of approved, compacted material and placed 6 inches around the pipe.
    • Tracer wire will be placed along the same horizontal plane as the pipe for quick and easy location by Peoples personnel.
    • Warning tape must be placed 12 inches below the surface of the trench.

  4. The proper use of select backfill materials insures that piping is protected from damage.

  5. When you utilize the ditch, dust, and backfill process, you remain in control of the project timeline for mainline installation and benefit from overall operating advantages.

Note: A Ditch, Dust and Backfill Applicant shall use only operators who are qualified under federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) requirements of 49 CFR Part 192 to new pipelines, including its Drug and Alcohol programs, for ditch, dust, and backfill work.

How to Become Operator Qualified

1. Contact Professional Utility Resources (PUR) to schedule a training class to obtain an Operator Qualification.

Professional Utility Resources
Phone: 1-216-870-2707

2. Each contractor is required to have an approved Drug and Alcohol plan in place and submit pre-employment, post accident, and random drug tests to Veriforce.

Veriforce - Drug and Alcohol Division
1776 Woodstead Court, Suite 119
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Phone: 1-800-426-1604 x 32
Email: drugalc@veriforce.com

Get Construction Heat

Don't pay outrageous prices for other fuels, when you can take advantage of the low natural gas prices for your temporary construction heat needs.

Peoples can provide your company with temporary gas service for your construction heat needs. Using our construction heat services will save you money and provide you with a reliable and abundant fuel that will come directly to you. No need to anticipate your fuel needs and pre-order in estimated qualities. Get exactly what you need, when you need it!

Get the process started today. Fill out a Gas Application with the temporary heating equipment you will be using.