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Construction Heat

When it comes to heating your job site, natural gas is going to save you money. Period.

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    Before you start your next build, let's talk about how natural gas could be a great fit for your project.

It's easy not to worry about temporary heat for your construction site until it actually starts to get cold. But by installing your gas line a bit earlier, you can see significant savings if you choose natural gas over propane. Natural gas construction heat also offers the "always ready" reliability you need to keep your project on schedule and on budget. Our experts are here to talk to you about your temporary heating needs, so that we can craft a solution that's a perfect fit for your next project. 

To ensure that we can meet your project timeline, we encourage you to reach out to Peoples early in your planning process. Discover all of the benefits of clean, domestically-produced natural gas, and start a conversation with a Peoples expert today.

Let's Talk Savings

  • Using natural gas for your construction heat can save you up to 60% compared to propane.

  • With natural gas heat, you only pay for what you use, after you use it. No more estimates for propane or paper invoices.

  • Every time you have to wait for a fuel refill or wait to relocate your propane tank, you're losing money. With natural gas, you'll get construction heat without the down time. 

  • You're already running natural gas to your new building or development. Save yourself the hassle and take advantage of this reliable, low-cost fuel earlier in the process. 

Let's Talk Benefits

  • With on-demand natural gas, you'll never run out of fuel for your construction heat. It's always available when you need it.

  • Natural gas equipment comes in a variety of models and sizes. Our experts will listen to your specific challenges and timeline to effectively meet your heating needs.

  • Bulky propane can get in the way and pose a risk to your employees. Natural gas meters simplify your on-site setup.

Let's Talk Facts

  • Natural gas heat cures concrete and drywall faster than propane.

  • Natural gas dissipates up into the air instead of pooling on the ground like propane, reducing the risk of ignition. 

  • By using construction heat in your residential, commercial, or industrial building, the meter is permanently set and gas is flowing long before the location is up and running. This speeds up the process and makes the transition to occupancy as simple and smooth as possible. 

  • Natural gas burns cleaner and is more environmentally responsible than propane.



Get started with natural gas construction heat for your job site. Chat with our team by filling out the form below or giving us a call at 1-800-345-9374.