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Building Something New

There's a lot that goes into building a new home, building or development. Our experts will help you through the gas installation process for your construction project.

Are you building your dream home, office, or a commercial or industrial building or development? Peoples can help walk you through the process of getting gas to your new construction project. Below you'll find step by step instructions on how to make sure your home or building is ready for gas. We can even provide your construction site with temporary natural gas construction heat to get you through the colder months.

Gas Application Process

For residential customers, commercial customers, builders, and developers.

Step 1: Submit a Gas Application

  • Complete the Gas Application to provide your load request and project location.

  • Ensure all mandatory fields are completed before submitting the application. Incomplete applications will not be assessed.

  • Submit your Gas Application by emailing it to marketing@peoples-gas.com
  • All complete Gas Applications will be evaluated by our New Construction Department to determine if a tap or mainline extension is needed to serve your project.

  • If mainline extension is required, your application will be referred to our Sales Department. A Sales representative will reach out to you within 30 days to review the costs involved and go over the line extension agreement with you. If you choose to proceed with mainline extension, the line extension agreement must be signed before mainline design and construction may begin.

Download Gas Application

Step 2: Receive Approval Letter

  • Once your application is reviewed and approved internally, you will receive a letter of approval from our New Construction Department referencing the steps required by you to ready your service location for connection to our mainline.   

  • Your approval is valid for one year. Any action made past this length of time will require a new application be submitted for subsequent review.

  • If mainline extension is required, you will not receive an approval letter. Proceed to Step 3 if you have signed your line extension agreement.

Step 3: Schedule Installation (if Mainline Extension is necessary)

  • If a mainline extension is required, a line extension agreement must be signed before any construction may begin. A Peoples representative will work with you to obtain the signed line extension agreement and answer any questions about the ensuing steps to your mainline extension.

  • You will receive contact information for the construction supervisor that has been assigned to your project.

  • It is up to the signee or developer of the project to notify the construction supervisor when the site is ready for the mainline installation. Ensure that this information is provided with at least 6 weeks lead time to allow for scheduling.

Step 4: Property-Owned Service Line Installation

  • A Property-Owned Service Line refers to the portion of gas pipeline between Peoples’ curb box and where the meter will be set. This section of the line is the responsibility of the property-owner/developer to have installed by an Operator Qualified Plumber. To determine whether your plumber is Operator Qualified, we suggest that you review the list of plumbers currently registered in our service territory. View our Operator Qualified Plumbers List here

  • Once the Property-Owned Service Line installation is complete, a Service Installation Record (SIR) Form will need to be submitted to Peoples for validation.  This step indicates the line has been installed and tested by your plumber and your site is ready for Peoples to begin their work. You can access our digital SIR Form and create an account online on our Plumbers page.

Complete the SIR Form

Step 5: New Tap and Meter Set

  • A Service Installation Record form must be submitted to Peoples.

  • A Peoples Construction crew will respond within approximately 3-10 business days upon receipt of the Service Installation Record form to perform the tap installation and meter set.

  • If for any reason the meter cannot be set, or the Property-Owned Service Line does not hold pressure, the crew will leave a door tag with instructions of how to proceed.

  • For status updates on your tap and meter set installation, please call our New Tap Hotline voicemail box (412-395-5550) or email us at Marketing@peoples-gas.com.

Step 6: Service Turn On

  • Once your meter has been set, and you’re ready for the gas service to be turned on or transferred into your name, please call our Customer Service department at 1-800-764-0111 for your service scheduling or billing needs.

  • Why Choose Natural Gas for Your Next Building or Development?

    Builders and developers choose natural gas because residential and commercial consumers prefer clean, reliable, low-cost fuel for heating, cooking, and more. In fact, over three-quarters of home buyers prefer natural gas to heat their newly-built homes, and building owners know that natural gas technology can help support green building certifications. Plus, using locally-produced gas promotes economic development in local communities. Peoples is rooted in this region, and is committed to encouraging economic growth through strong partnerships. 

    Whether it's one home, an industrial building, or an entire development, Peoples can provide natural gas service for your new construction projects. We're always excited to begin new partnerships with builders and developers!

    Let's talk about how natural gas could be the right option for you. Contact us at marketing@peoples-gas.com or at 1-866-654-4660 to get started.

  • Add Reliability with Combined Heat and Power

    Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems work to capture heat that would normally be wasted in large buildings or on campuses, like universities and hospitals. CHP can significantly boost your efficiency, reduce emissions, and increase reliability. Rather than relying on the electric grid, you can produce your electricity right on site. 

    Our experts are here to learn about your situation, and discuss how CHP can help with savings and sustainability for your business.

    Let's Talk


Still not sure how to get gas to your property? Please fill out the form below with your questions or concerns, and someone from our New Construction Department will reach out. You're also welcome to give us a call at 1-866-654-4660.

NOTE: If you have moved into a home or building where gas is already available, please do not use this form. You should contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-764-0111 to start or transfer your gas service.