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Building Something New

The process of building a new home or a development can be a very demanding experience. Let Peoples take care of all of your gas install and set up needs for your new construction project.

Peoples can help walk you through the process of getting gas to your new construction project. Are you building your dream home, a development with many homes, or even a commercial or industrial business? Are you looking for ways to save money on energy? Peoples can help make it happen. We have step by step instructions on how to get your project started in order to make sure your home or building is ready for gas. We even provide your construction site with temporary construction heat to get you through the cold months.

Whether you're building a park, housing development, single family home, or an industrial structure, there are many energy decisions you should make before you begin your new construction project. To learn more about natural gas options for commercial space heating and cooling, water heating, and on-site power generation, please visit our Gas for Businesses page or contact us today for more information on how we can help.

At Peoples, we understand the value of strong partnerships. We work with a number of trade organizations to ensure that we operate under industry best practices and have a well rounded knowledge of our community. Our Sales and Marketing team is actively involved with the following trade organizations:

  • As Peoples grows, your energy bill could shrink.

    Through our Go with Gas program, we are extending pipelines in existing communities and bringing natural gas to new communities where it was previously not available. For more information on how you can save money with natural gas or add natural gas to your home or business, call 1-866-214-6537 or email us at gowithgas@peoples-gas.com.

    Visit the Go With Gas Website