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Building Something New

If you’re installing or modifying your gas service, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you're interested in installing natural gas service for the first time, converting to natural gas, or adding new natural gas appliances, the first step of the process is to complete a New Construction Gas Application.

You should complete the New Construction Gas Application if you’re doing any of the following:

  • Installing natural gas service for the first time (new structure)

  • Converting to natural gas in an existing structure (new to natural gas)

  • Renovating an existing structure and need to modify gas service

  • Installing additional natural gas equipment or appliances

  • Splitting your property into subdivided units

  • Adding additional gas meters

Download New Construction Gas Service Application

NOTE: Before you start to fill out the New Construction Gas Service Application, please download the file and save it to your computer, then open it using Adobe or another PDF reader. DO NOT try to complete the New Construction Gas Service Application in your web browser — you will not be able to save the application with the information you input.

What information do I need to complete my application?

Property Service Address or Tax Parcel Identification Number.  This information is crucial to identifying whether we are able to serve the project.  Applications without a service address or parcel identification will not be considered.

BTU/h rating for Equipment Load*.  A breakdown of all natural gas equipment installed or to be installed for your project must be indicated to determine the rate and pressure required to serve your project.  If multiple meters are being requested, an equipment load breakdown must be submitted for each unit.  Applications without BTU/h ratings specified will not be accepted.

Billing Information.  We will need to know the person or organization who will assume responsibility for the payment of billing statements once Peoples installation is complete.  This information is needed before any work may be scheduled. 

Delivery Pressure Needed at Meter(s). If any special use or atypical equipment proposed for installation requires a higher delivery pressure at the meter (greater than our standard delivery pressure of 7” W.C. (4 oz.)), a copy of the equipment’s specification “spec” sheet should be submitted with your completed application.

Detailed Site Utility Plan. For new building or remodel projects, a site utility plan detailing any existing and proposed service line routing and meter location(s) is required for our Design Engineers to review.

Project Contact Information. Let us know who we should contact for the project once your application is being reviewed should we have any questions. This could be the property owner, project manager, mechanical contractor, qualified installer, etc. Peoples assumes no responsibility for issues resulting from miscommunication amongst project and applicant representatives. Please be sure the appropriate parties are identified.


Approximate BTU/h Ratings for Residential Equipment

Typical Appliance


Boiler - Single Family


Clothes Dryer


Furnace - Single Family


Garage Heater


Gas Lights


Gas Logs




Pool Heater


Range (Domestic)


Water Heater – Storage Tank


Water Heater – Tankless


*BTU/h (British Thermal Units per hour) rating information is available by referencing the equipment’s specification sheet or may be easily determined with the aid of your qualified installer. Residential Applicants only, reference this chart for approximate BTU/h ratings of standard domestic natural gas equipment.

I'm Applying for a Commercial Property. What Other Steps Should I Take?

Steps for Businesses (Commercial Applicants)

I currently have gas service at my commercial property.

Do you want to start gas service for your business? If you don't need any additional meters or gas load — and there's already a gas meter at your property — then you can start your gas service quickly and conveniently using Peoples e-Account or over the phone at 1-800-764-0111. You will need to complete the Commercial Credit Application. Learn more on our Start or Stop Service page.

I currently DO NOT have gas service at my commercial property.

If any of the following apply, you will need to complete the Commercial Credit Application and the New Construction Gas Service Application:

  • There is no gas meter at the building

  • You are renovating the building and need to install additional gas equipment or gas appliances

  • You are splitting the space into subdivided units

  • You need additional gas meters or gas load


FAQs on Installing or Modifying Gas Service

What is the process once I submit my application?

Once your application is accepted, you will receive an email confirming a notification has been created for your request.  If you do not receive a confirmation within two business days of submitting your application, there may be items missing from your application.  Please check your spam or junk email folders for any correspondence from Marketing@peoples-gas.com requesting more information.

All accepted applications will be reviewed to determine whether we can provide natural gas service from one of our existing facilities, or if main line extension is required.

If an existing main line is available, you will receive an approval letter by mail or email detailing the remaining steps required, should you choose to proceed with your project.  Approvals are subject to a one year expiration.  If you have not followed through with the steps communicated in your approval letter before the expiration, your project will be closed.  Should you decide to proceed at a later date, a new application will be requested for review and approval. Please review the letter thoroughly and share with your qualified installer.  The steps communicated within the letter are what will be required of you and/or your qualified installer before Peoples may schedule installation.

If a mainline extension is required, a line extension agreement must be signed before any construction may begin. A representative from our Sales team will reach out to you to discuss your request and any costs associated with the project.  Once the line extension agreement is signed and payment received (if applicable), our Sales and Design teams will be in contact with you to discuss timing for your project and determine scheduling.  Please note that these requests require adequate notification and lead time for design and scheduling purposes.

How long will the application process take? Can my project be expedited?

Turnaround times can vary depending on the scope of the project and the extent of information provided to us up front. 

To ensure prompt processing of your application, we ask that you thoroughly review your application, complete all necessary fields, and include any applicable attachments before submitting. Applications submitted with missing or partial information will not be accepted and may cause delays to the overall turnaround time of your request.

Once your application is accepted, average processing for projects where existing facilities are available can range from a few days to a couple weeks.  Projects where main line extension is required could take longer.

We process applications in the order they are received. The sooner we receive a complete application, the sooner we will be able to review your project. If you have extenuating circumstances, we will try to make accommodations; however, ample notice should be provided and average turnaround times should be expected.

Who takes care of the service line installation?

If your approval letter states a Service Line Installation Record is required before your request may be scheduled, this indicates that the property-owned service line must be installed and tested by an Operator Qualified Installer of your choice. A property-owned service line refers to the portion of gas pipeline between Peoples’ curb box and where the meter will be set.

To determine whether your plumber is Operator Qualified, we suggest that you review the list of plumbers currently registered in our service territory. View our Operator Qualified Plumbers List here

Once your property-owned service line is installed and tested, a Service Installation Record (SIR) Form must be submitted to Peoples for validation.  This step indicates the line has been installed and tested by your plumber and your site is ready for Peoples to begin their work. Once your SIR Form has been accepted, Peoples will move forward with scheduling your service request.

You can access our digital SIR Form and create an account online on our Plumbers page.


Are there any fees to apply for or receive a new service tap?

Peoples does not charge fees for applications, new service taps, or additional meters.  However, if main line extension or relocation of an existing tap is required to serve your project, fees may be required. In these cases, a Sales representative will work with you.

Costs for natural gas projects primarily come from the qualified installer that you choose to install and test your property-owned pipelines or equipment.

Where can I find more information about the SIR form for my plumber?

For more information regarding the Service Installation Record (SIR), please visit our Plumbers page.

You can also download the SIR form.

Your plumber should submit the SIR form after you have received an approval letter stating we’re able to serve your project. The approval letter will provide instructions and further details regarding where the new service tap will be installed. Please review the letter with your qualified installer before he/she installs your property-owned pipeline. Once the pipeline is installed in accordance with the proposed service tap location and our Installation Guide, the SIR may be submitted.

If a SIR is submitted prior to a New Construction Gas Application approval, scheduling will be delayed until the request is reviewed and approved. Should your qualified installer’s work not comply with the approved service tap location or any of the Installation Guidelines, he/she may need to perform additional work before Peoples is able to complete your service request.

Who handles the new tap on the service line, and who sets the meter?

Peoples will complete the new tap and install the gas meter once the service line is installed and inspected. A Service Installation Record form must be submitted to Peoples prior to the new tap and meter set.

Once we receive the Service Installation Record, a Peoples Construction crew will respond within approximately 3-10 business days to perform the tap installation and meter set.

If for any reason the meter cannot be set, or the Property-Owned Service Line does not hold pressure, the crew will leave a door tag with instructions of how to proceed.

For status updates on your tap and meter set installation, please call us at 866-654-4660 or email us at Marketing@peoples-gas.com.

Does Peoples provide service in my area?

Our service territory spans the greater part of Western Pennsylvania, as well as portions of West Virginia and Kentucky. We are in no way affiliated with the Peoples energy companies in the states of Florida or Illinois (Chicago).

To best determine what natural gas distributors currently provide service to your area, contact your state utility commission.

For Pennsylvania properties, visit www.pagasswitch.com.

For West Virginia properties, visit http://www.psc.state.wv.us/.

For Kentucky properties, visit https://psc.ky.gov/.

If Peoples is in your area, call us at 1-800-764-0111 to find out what is needed to begin service.

I know a main line extension is needed to serve my property. Can you give me an approximate cost?

To provide the most accurate cost for a main line extension, it is best to first complete a New Construction Gas Application.  This allows our Design team to determine what total construction costs will be.  If you wish to discuss your request before a formal evaluation takes place, please contact us at (866) 654-4660 and ask to speak with a Residential/Small Commercial Sales representative.

Can I speak with a Design Engineer or get site advice before I apply?

Our Design Engineers need to research the scope of your project in order to address any questions or concerns you may have about your project, so they are not able to speak with you before you apply. Please complete a New Construction Gas Application before requesting to speak with a Design Engineer.

Once you’ve received an approval letter indicating we’re able to serve your project, you may call (866) 654-4660 to schedule a site advice, if needed. Otherwise, we ask that you refer to our Installation Guide, or ask your qualified installer any questions regarding sizing, spacing, etc.

Can Peoples drop off a meter bar?

No, Peoples does not drop off meter bars.

I submitted a Commercial Credit Application. Why do I need to complete another application?

A Commercial Credit Application and New Construction Gas Application are not the same.

A Commercial Credit Application is meant for business owners to establish billing for gas service in their name.

A New Construction Gas Application, on the other hand, is specifically for property owners wishing to install gas connection to a new structure, convert an existing structure to gas service, or modify the meter requirements due to the addition, removal or subdivision of equipment at their property.

I want to add a pool heater or generator to my property. Why do I need to apply?

Adding or removing equipment at your property could impact the amount of pressure needed to safely and efficiently run your appliances. Please complete a New Construction Gas Application so our Design Engineers may review the revised equipment load to determine whether changes are necessary to accommodate your new equipment load requirements. 


Still not sure how to get gas to your property? Please fill out the form below with your questions or concerns, and someone from our New Construction Department will reach out. You're also welcome to give us a call at 1-866-654-4660.

NOTE: If you have moved into a home or building where gas is already available, please do not use this form. You should contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-764-0111 to start or transfer your gas service.