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How to Identify Pipelines

Pipeline markers are another important safety precaution. Since pipelines are buried underground, pipeline markers are used to help in their identification. They are placed as close as possible over each buried distribution main and transmission, storage, and regulated gathering pipeline—for example, where a pipeline intersects a street, highway, railway, river, heavily congested area, or along the pipeline's right-of-way. These color markers display our 24-hour emergency contact number 1-800-400-4271 and other identifying information.

Call 811 image

Peoples Pipeline MarkerWhile the markers help indicate the presence of pipelines in the area, they don't show the exact location, depth, or how many pipelines are in the right-of-way. Always call 811 to have underground pipelines marked and avoid line damage. State law requires that you call 811 at least three business days before digging. An 811 call alerts participating utilities of your work plans, and the utilities will mark the approximate location of their facilities.

Since the pipeline markers are important to your safety, it is a federal crime to deface, damage, remove, or destroy any pipeline sign or right-of-way marker.

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