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Emergency Response Plan

The first priority of Peoples is to protect the public and employees—then the environment and property—while maintaining an efficient and reliable pipeline system. Federal, state, and local codes and regulations provide requirements for identifying and handling emergencies.

Peoples has created an emergency response plan that outlines the procedures, guidelines, organizational support, and communication that will minimize or prevent hazards to people, property, and the environment. This emergency plan has been developed to address emergency situations that may occur throughout Peoples' transmission, distribution, storage, and gathering system.

What Is a Pipeline Emergency?

A pipeline emergency is a suspected leak, fire or encroachment of the pipe. A leak can be identified by:

SIGHT: Dirt or water blowing up from the ground may indicate a natural gas leak.
SOUND: Natural gas leaks may have a loud, high-pitched whistle or roar.
SMELL: A strong odor of natural gas can indicate unburned fuel in the air.

In the event of an emergency, please call Peoples emergency line at 1-800-400-4271. This line will answer 24 hours a day. Please use this line for emergencies only.

  • e-SMART First Responder

    This resource is a safety website designed to help first responders work safely in emergencies where gas utilities are involved. Firefighters, police, and EMTs are typically the first on the scene of an emergency, and they face the greatest risk from natural gas leaks and fires. Click the link below to access advanced safety information, training tools and links to related sites.

    First Responders