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Agreement Contract Types - Overview

Peoples has a variety of Agreements or "Contract Types" based on the system where the production meter delivery point is located. Below is an outline of each type and who to contact for further inquiries.

Master Interconnect and Measurement Agreement

Peoples permits local gas producers to provide and install Measurement & Regulation (M&R) facilities for custody transfer of natural gas between the local producer and Peoples. The Master Interconnect and Measurement Agreement (MIMA) provides for a single receipt point or multiple receipt point locations for the producer to connect to the Peoples pipeline systems. The requirements set forth in this Agreement for design, permitting, construction, and maintenance apply to new facilities as well as modifications of existing interconnect facilities.

For more information on the Master Interconnect and Measurement Agreement, please contact Ted Haas at 724-431-7626 or Teddy.Haas@peoples-gas.com

Gas Purchase Agreement (GPA)

As described in the Interconnect Agreement overview above, Peoples offers Pennsylvania producers the option of selling gas produced at these facilities, according to the terms and conditions of a Gas Purchase Agreement (GPA). The information provided in the GPA includes, but is not limited to, the following: (1) the time period during which the gas production is to be sold and delivered to Peoples; (2) the purchase price of the gas delivered; (3) production well permit numbers and their associated delivery point(s); and (4) an estimate of the quantity of gas to be sold and delivered by the producer.

For more information on GPAs, please contact Ted Haas at 724-431-7626 or Teddy.Haas@peoples-gas.com

Measurement Operating Agreement (MOA)

The Measurement Operating Agreement (MOA) is required for all producer operated meters feeding into Peoples' production system. This agreement outlines the producer's responsibilities and requirements for meter sets, meter testing, and volumetric measurement. Note: This agreement is only applicable to existing production meters on the PNG system.

For more information on MOAs, please contact Jasa Galo at 412-208-7200 or Jasa.L.Galo@peoples-gas.com

Pennsylvania Production Enhancement Service (PA PES)

Peoples and the Independent Oil & Gas Association of Pennsylvania ("IOGA-PA") entered into a comprehensive six year agreement effective April 1, 2005 to enhance the value of Pennsylvania-produced gas delivered into Peoples system. To achieve this goal, Peoples and the IOGA-PA have, among other things, increased capital investment in production-related projects, assessed operational measures that support Pennsylvania production, released uneconomic long-term contracts after a transition period to increase economic reserves upon Public Utility Commission approval, and managed water and water vapor in delivered gas.

Click on the following links for more details on the PA PES Amendment and related water vapor standards, presented at the PIOGA Annual Membership meeting held on September 29, 2015.

For more information on PES Amendments, please contact Jasa Galo at 412-208-7200 or Jasa.L.Galo@peoples-gas.com

Production Meter Ownership Transfer

All acquisitions or sales of production meters are required to go through a Meter Ownership Transfer. Peoples requires a transfer notice (completed via the form below) within 15 days of the sale. If a transfer is not made within 15 days, Peoples has a right to terminate the agreement and disconnect the meter from our pipeline.

  • To request an Meter Ownership Transfer, please complete the form on our Meters page. Once complete, click the Submit button at the bottom of the pdf form. 
  • For more information on Meter Transfers, please contact Leslie Tafel at 412-208-6503 or Leslie.M.Tafel@peoples-gas.com