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I'm Digging

Did you know that an underground utility line is damaged once every six minutes nationwide because someone decided to dig without first calling 811?

Before you begin digging, state law requires you to call PA One Call at 1-800-242-1776 or 811 at least three business days before you dig. All utility companies will be notified of your planned work and will mark the location of any underground lines. Respect the markings and excavate with due care, and be sure to report any and all damage to pipelines, line markers, locator wires, or warning tape to the appropriate utility.

Line hits are the number one cause of gas incidents! If work is being done over gas lines in your neighborhood, look for PA One Call markings and/or flags. If you have a contractor digging at your property, ask the contractor to be extra careful. Make sure there are PA One Call markings and/or flags, and look at the work being done.

You should notify PA One Call before you perform any of the following activities:

  • Install a fence, mailbox, yard sign, flag pole, or pole for a basketball hoop.
  • Install a deck, porch, patio, swimming pool, or garage.
  • Install a sprinkler system, pet perimeter fence, septic tank, leach bed, or sand mound.
  • Plant trees or bushes.