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Producer Services

Peoples operates and maintains 30 compressor stations and 54 compressor units with 30,475 horsepower. Our Producer Services department serves as Peoples' primary point of contact for Pennsylvania producers, and we oversee more than 7,500 production gas delivery points into Peoples pipeline system, delivering over 68 BCF of gas annually.

Peoples' system has access to numerous interstate natural gas pipelines, including Columbia, Dominion Transmission, Equitrans (AVC; Main Line; Sunrise), Texas Eastern (M2; M3), Tennessee Gas (Zone 4-200), and National Fuel. Our system consists of distribution, transmission, storage, gathering pipelines, and related facilities. We own and operate five storage facilities within our service territory, have a combined storage capacity of 33 BCF, and provide a working gas capacity of 30 BCF.

We work closely with producers by expanding and upgrading our existing facilities—both pipelines and compression—to move more locally produced gas into our system. By doing so, we aim to maximize production while meeting all safety and compliance requirements.

Fast Facts

  • Largest natural gas utility in Pennsylvania
  • Operates in 18 counties throughout Western Pennsylvania
  • Serves approximately 700,000 customers
  • Annual volumes - 163 BCF
  • Annual consumption - 159 BCF
  • Local gas from producers - 43%


Peoples provides updates on the operation status of the compressor stations within our system. We also provide notice to all producers and suppliers of potential outages or reductions in available capacity in the identified areas of the pipeline system. Such outages or reductions can be caused by construction activities, routine maintenance, and repairs.

Peoples' Compressors & Systems: Click here for a listing of Peoples' Compressors and Systems, containing the System Name, regulator setpoint, and other pertinent details. 

Station Updates: Click here for a listing of Compressor and System operational status on Peoples' systems.


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