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Go Green with e-Billing

Peoples Gas serves 700,000+ customers in PA, WV, and KY. We send 8.4 million paper bills each year. By switching to e-Billing, we could save 6,700 trees annually!

(If that’s not enough for you, it’s also secure, easy, convenient, and works on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.)

e-Billing is just one more way that Peoples demonstrates a commitment to protecting natural resources. Together, by being responsible about the paper we use, we can make a difference.

Get Started Today

The first step toward e-Billing is to sign up for a Peoples e-Account. An e-Account allows you to:

  • Access your account details - anytime, anywhere

  • Pay your bill online

  • Receive billing notifications

  • View your billing history

  • Analyze usage

  • Start or stop service

  • Manage your accounts

  • Submit your meter readings

Sign Up for e-Account

It's Just That Simple

And that’s it. Once you have your e-Account set up, select e-Billing and say goodbye to cluttered, paper bills.


  • Get Your Bill Delivered to Your Apple Wallet or Google Pay

    We're also now offering customers the option of receiving your bill electronically in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay account on your smart phone. If you choose this option, your bill will be delivered into your Apple Wallet or Google Pay, and from there you can click on a link to quickly pay your Peoples bill through ACI Speedpay. To sign up, all you need is your Peoples account number. And remember , if you're using a computer, you'll have to complete the registration process on your phone.