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Gas Rates and Tariffs

As Peoples has grown over the years, we worked hard to bring the services of multiple companies together, in order to benefit all four of the ‘Peoples Utilities’. While our customer service, our management, and our mission are all the same, you may wonder why the rates are different for “Peoples Natural” customers and “Peoples Gas (Formerly Peoples TWP)” customers.

Our company has four “utilities” under the umbrella of Peoples:

  • Peoples Natural
  • Peoples Gas (Formerly Peoples TWP)
  • Peoples Gas – West Virginia
  • Peoples Gas – Kentucky

While all four of these utilities are owned by the same owner, “Peoples Gas (Formerly Peoples TWP)” is a separate utility company from Peoples Natural. Similarly, Peoples Gas – West Virginia and Peoples Gas – Kentucky are also separate utility companies from Peoples Natural. Therefore Peoples Gas (Formerly Peoples TWP) has its own rates and charges approved by the PA Public Utility Commission (PUC).

In July 2017, Peoples made a filing with the state to change Peoples TWP LLC’s name to Peoples Gas Company LLC. We moved forward with this name change, because as our employees came together under one banner of “Peoples,” we hope to show all of our customers—from all four different utilities—that we are one and the same. The state accepted this filing, and moving forward, Peoples TWP will also be referred to as “Peoples.” For Peoples Gas (Formerly Peoples TWP) customers, there will be no change to your bill. The rates and tariffs for Peoples Gas (Formerly Peoples TWP) will remain the same, and you will still be able to find them at the bottom of this page under Peoples Gas (Formerly Peoples TWP).

When Peoples acquired Equitable Gas in 2013, it was agreed that Peoples would operate the former Equitable Gas system as a separate division of Peoples, which means that the Peoples and the Peoples-Equitable Divisions would maintain separate tariffs and rates and charges under the “Peoples Natural” utility, unless otherwise approved by the PUC. Effective October 29, 2019, the PUC approved Peoples’ request to merge the Peoples Division and Peoples-Equitable Division tariffs and rates together. As a result of this approval, there is now one retail tariff, one supplier tariff, and one set of rates governing the former Peoples Division and the former Equitable Division under the “Peoples Natural” utility.

Peoples has certified to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission that this is an accurate electronic representation of the tariffs which are officially filed at the Commission. Users of electronic tariffs should note, however, that such tariffs are not the official documents, and users assume responsibility for reliance upon tariffs in electronic format.

*Peoples Natural, and Peoples Gas (Formerly Peoples TWP) are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Peoples Gas – West Virginia is regulated by the West Virginia Public Service Commission. Peoples Gas – Kentucky is regulated by the Kentucky Public Service Commission

1307f Annual Gas Cost Filing

Notice of Proposed Purchased Gas Cost Rate Changes

Each March, all natural gas distribution companies in southwestern Pennslyvania, including Peoples, are requred to provide the Public Utility Commission and customers with an estimate of what the anticipated cost of the natural gas commodity will be on October 1st of that same year.

These cost projections will be examined by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Many different, rapidly changes factors will affect the cost of the natural gas commodity between now and this fall. It is highly unlikely that you will see these exact rates on October 1st. In the meantime, Peoples will continue to adjust the purchased gas cost portion of your bill on a quarterly basis to true up any variations in the actual cost of the natural gas we purchased and the amount you paid. Here are the bill inserts that explain this annual filing:

Here are the annual filing documents:

We know that this regulatory process can be confusing. We encourage you to contact us with any questions, or to watch the video below to learn more about how your gas bill is calculated and what the various charges mean. 

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