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Peoples offer three different Transportation Pooling Programs to Natural Gas Suppliers (NGS) who wish to conduct business in Peoples’ Pennsylvania service territory.

Priority One Pooling Program (P1)

  • For residential and essential human needs commercial customers.
  • Daily target based balancing program, where Peoples provides daily weather based targets built on the pool's current active customers at least two business days prior to flow date.
  • Capacity is released monthly/seasonally to suppliers at zero cost to meet posted targets.
  • No limit on number of customers or size of pool.
  • POR is available.
  • A Purchase Supply option is available from Peoples.

Non-Priority One Pooling Program (NP1)

  • For traditional commercial and industrial customers.
  • Daily base load targeted balancing program, where Peoples provides NP1 Pools with a daily base load amount to delivery, prior to flow month, built on the pool's projected usage.
  • Capacity is not released to NP1 pools.
  • No limit on number of customers or size of pool.
  • POR is available.
  • Purchase Supply option is available from Peoples.

Local Gas Aggregation Pooling Service

  • Enables NGSs/producers to aggregate natural gas supplies produced solely in Pennsylvania and injected directly into Peoples’ pipelines.
  • This local gas is available to be scheduled to either a P1 and/or NP1 Pool or may be moved off the Peoples distribution system if operational conditions allow.

To view the list of Local Gas Aggregation Pools click here.

For more detailed information on these transportation programs, please refer to the tariffs of each respective Peoples division, available here. 


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To view the current tariffs and rate schedules, please visit our Gas Rates page

  • Contact the Peoples Transportation Department

    If you are a supplier—or you are interested in becoming a supplier—please feel free to reach out to the Peoples Transportation Department at any time with your questions or concerns.

    Steven Kolich - Director, Gas Supply

    Mina Speicher - Transportation Consultant
    AIM: mina.speicher
    Specialties: New Supplier Inquiries, Supplier Billing Issues, Supplier Testing

    Stephen Kelly - Intermediate Transportation Specialist
    Specialties: New Supplier Pool Applications, Credit, Gastar Support

    Greg Napierski - Intermediate Transportation Specialist