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More About Gas Leaks

Natural gas is a safe, reliable fuel. However, it is extremely important to follow safe practices when dealing with natural gas, just like any energy source.There are circumstances in which natural gas can be hazardous. It is important that the general public, residents along pipeline rights of way, and public officials aid in the protection of all pipelines. It is of the utmost importance that excavation around our pipelines be monitored by responsible personnel. If there is reason to suspect that unmonitored excavation is occurring along a right of way, you should notify Peoples. It is imperative that ‘One Call’ procedures be followed by anyone doing any type of excavation.

Although rare, natural gas leaks do occur and you should always be prepared. Natural gas can be hazardous, and if released, it may ignite, possibly explode, or can cause asphyxiation. These hazards may be created by uncontrolled escaping gas caused by:

  • Rupturing, nicking, or puncturing a pipeline
  • Extreme loading of materials over buried facilities
  • Water main breaks
  • Heavy ice on outside meters
  • Collapsed buildings that break or damage gas pipelines
  • Fire or explosion near or directly involving a pipeline facility
  • Equipment failure
  • Human error
  • Natural events (flood, earthquake, tornado)