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What is a Cross Bore?

Be Safe! Always assume that obstructions involve a cross bore.

A cross bore is defined as the intersection of an existing underground utility or underground structure by a second utility installed using trenchless technology. This results in an intersection of the utilities, compromising the integrity of either or both utility or underground structure.

In rare cases, our gas pipeline may cross through a sewer pipe. If a plumber unknowingly strikes a gas line while cutting through a sewer blockage, natural gas could enter the sewer system, creating a dangerous situation. For this reason, it is extremely important to call 811 before you begin any digging project to have all utility lines clearly marked.

  • Cross Bore
  • Cross Bore

Always assume that obstructions involve a cross bore. If a natural gas pipeline is hit:


  • Leave the premises immediately
  • Instruct others to leave right away
  • Contact Peoples from a safe location at 1-800-400-4271
  • Call 911
  • Keep others at a safe distance


  • Operate any electrical appliances while in the premises
  • Operate any pipeline system equipment
  • Turn vehicles, appliances, or lights on or off
  • Use anything that might create a spark, such as a cell phone