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Pilot Lights

  • Learn more about pilot light safety.

Most natural gas appliances are equipped with safeties to prevent the main burner from continuing to flow if there is no ignition source. Some gas appliances have a standing pilot light—a small flame that burns continuously, used to light the main burner gas. Should the pilot light flame go out, most appliances have a safety that will stop the flow of gas to both the main burner and the pilot. These appliances are known as 100% shut-off.

However, some older natural gas appliances, such as a standing pilot range and some heating systems, are equipped with an AB valve that will only stop the flow of gas to the main burner. This system will allow a small amount of gas to leak through the pilot tubing. If the pilot light is out, the gas must be shut off at the appliance isolation valve, normally located in close proximity to the appliance. Then you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to relight the pilot.

Outdoor gas appliances such as grills and gas lights have no safeties whatsoever, but in these situations, gas is typically vented to the outside. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to relight these types of appliances.

If you notice an odor of gas, contact Peoples' emergency number at 1-800-400-4271.