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Where Do Lines Run?

Natural gas travels through miles of pipeline and regulating stations to reach your home. Outside your home, gas is delivered from a Peoples' main line, which is usually in or next to the street, through a company service line to a point at or near your property line. Here, the company's service line connects with the customer service line, which carries the gas to the gas meter. After being measured by the gas meter, the gas flows into your house line, which supplies the gas to your natural gas appliances.

In most cases, Peoples' maintenance responsibility ends around your property line—at the point where the company service line connects with the customer service line. Repairs to the customer service line, house line, and gas appliances are the customer's responsibility.

If your customer service line needs to be repaired or replaced, make sure the work is performed by a qualified installer. After the work in complete, the installer must call Peoples for a leak test. The installer must also sign and submit a "Service Installation Record." If the paperwork is missing or incomplete, we cannot restore your gas service.

National Pipeline Mapping System