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Working on the Sidewalk

When we are working on a pipeline, sometimes we're forced to pull up a sidewalk in order to access an old pipe or lay a new one. As we continuously work to improve our infrastructure, we also encounter many sidewalks that line the streets of Peoples customers. And for a home to be connected to our mainline, chances are, it goes under a sidewalk.

Although we try our best to avoid disturbing anyone's property, these repairs and enhancements are essential to ensure that our pipeline system is operating effectively and safely. Like most construction projects, we do work on sidewalks in phases. While you might see a temporary fix to a sidewalk at first, once we are done with the project, we will schedule to restore any affected sidewalks.

Below, you'll see a picture of what a temporary fix looks like on a sidewalk in Pittsburgh. A temporary fix allows residents to resume their normal routines more quickly, but that sort of fix does not look quite as polished. Rest assured, we will be back to apply a permanent fix to the sidewalk, which will leave it looking brand new, as you can see in the second photograph below.

  • Temporary fix
  • Permanent fix