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Working on the Landscape

Across our service territory, you'll find landscaping in front of many businesses, homes, commercial properties, and along the streets. Even though we try to avoid disrupting the landscape, it is often unavoidable. To keep our service running efficiently and safely, sometimes we must shift landscaping aside to access those underground pipes. However, as soon as our job is complete, we will fully restore all landscape that may have been disturbed.

Although the initial work might look like a disruption to the landscape, in fact, our pipeline repair and restoration projects protect the environment, our communities, and our customers in the long run. In addition, our pipeline expansion projects work to boost economic development by creating jobs and providing a clean, reliable energy source.

In the photographs below, you can see a work in progress at one of our job sites at the edge of the street, which is called a "temporary fix." Although temporary fixes allow residents to return to their daily routines more quickly, we do always come back to install a permanent fix and return the landscape to normal. Take a look at the second "permanent fix" picture to see a completed landscaping job done by one of our crews.

  • Temporary fix
  • Permanent fix