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Future Work

Peoples is committed to maintaining and renewing our pipelines, to ensure reliable, safe service for all of our customers.

As Peoples begins to map out future projects, there are several steps that we typically take. While these steps are not applicable to every scenario, the majority of our pipeline renewal projects, both residential and business, go through the following phases:

  1. Pre-Construction
    • Letters: Before we begin work in an area, we will notify the affected residences/businesses of the future project, and tell them what to expect. Closer to the start date, an inspector typically hand-delivers another letter to each residence in the work zone.
    • PA One Call: Prior to any digging, we will contact PA One Call to mark all of the underground utility lines with colored paint and/or flags.
    • No Parking: We will post No Parking signs in the area. Once these signs are posted, we ask everyone in the area to observe the dates and times, and look for any updates to those signs as we move through the different phases of the process.

  2. Active Construction
    • Lay out mainline: During the pipeline renewal construction process, we will first lay out and install any new mainline pipes, as needed. No gas is flowing through these lines at this point.
    • Temporary connection: Once the mainline is in the ground, we will make a temporary connection from the old line to the new line
    • Service change-over: We will schedule a time when we will disconnect the old line and change the service over to the new line. If we have to temporarily interrupt anyone's gas service, we give them notice ahead of time. Please visit our What I Should Know page for more information on service interruptions.
    • Pressure and safety tests: We will conduct pressure and safety tests on every service line and house line, as required by law, prior to establishing gas service.

  3. Restoration
    • Temporary restoration: During active projects and once the work is done on the mainline and service line, we will complete a temporary restoration, so that residents or community members can begin using the area again.
    • Permanent restoration: We will return to complete a final restoration to any sidewalks, landscapes, or streets. Our intention is to restore the area to the state it was, or better.

Other Pipeline Projects

New Individual Service Lines

When we receive a request to install a new individual service line, we work directly with that customer throughout the process. We only notify others in the vicinity if we must temporarily shut off gas service during the install, or if we need to post no parking signs. Once we hook up the service line to our mainline and turn on their gas service, we complete a temporary restoration. After the crew moves out, we add the project to our permanent restoration schedule and establish when we will come back to complete the permanent restoration.

Pipeline Expansion Projects

When we undertake a larger pipeline expansion progress, we work closely with those communities to keep everyone up to date on our progress. For more information on the pipeline expansion process, please visit our Go with Gas site.

Operations and Maintenance: Line Repairs

Although we typically work on projects during standard working hours, our emergency line repair crews must be available around the clock to respond to an emergency line repair. Even though these situations are rare, we take them very seriously in order to keep our customers and communities safe. These types of projects are on a case-by-case basis, and are not scheduled through our construction department.