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Natural Gas Vehicles

Offering lower life-cycle costs and reliable performance, NGVs are a viable alternative to gasoline or even electric vehicles.

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    William Sapon is excited to learn more about your energy needs to see if natural gas vehicles or other natural gas technology could help to power your fleet.
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    We spoke with Allegheny County Sheriff Bill Mullen on their new "Clean and Green" natural gas vehicle, a project supported by Peoples.

Natural gas is clean-burning, domestically produced, and readily available. For all of these reasons, NGVs are well-suited for transportation fleets, heavy-duty vehicles, and more. Discover additional benefits below and see how NGVs can make a world of difference by having a conversation with a Peoples expert.

Let's Talk Facts

Let's clear the air about NGVs and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a fuel source.

  • Public CNG fueling stations are readily available throughout Western PA, with on-site fueling stations also a practical option for many businesses.

  • Because natural gas is clean-burning, government grants are available for U.S.-made conversion kits.

  • Natural gas is lighter than air, dissipates when released, and has a limited range for combustion.

  • Across North America, public and private fleet operators are moving to NGVs because they are proven and reliable. There are about 153,000 NGVs on U.S. roads today and more than 15.2 million worldwide.

Let's Talk Benefits

Let’s see how NGVs can bring performance and reliability to your fleet.

  • NGVs produce 22% less greenhouse gases than diesel vehicles and 29% less than comparable gasoline vehicles.

  • While the amount of CNG refueling stations continues to increase exponentially every year, bi-fuel capabilities ensure your fleet will always be ready to go.

  • NGVs have been proven to perform better in cold weather. They're just as powerful and achieve the same fuel economy as their traditional counterparts.

  • On-board vehicle cylinders are much more durable than gasoline tanks and meet stringent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards.

Let's Talk Savings

Let’s talk about how converting to NGVs can positively affect your bottom line.

  • The life-cycle costs of an NGV are lower than comparable vehicles. This life-cycle cost advantage improves even more with new and extended Federal Tax Credits.

  • Maintenance costs are equal to or less than gasoline or diesel vehicles.

  • CNG is considerably cheaper than gasoline or diesel. And, with the abundant sources of natural gas in Western PA, the price isn’t predicted to fluctuate dramatically any time in the foreseeable future.

  • Even as more CNG refueling stations are coming online, generous grants are still available to build your own refueling station on site.



Start your journey to a more efficient fleet. Chat with William Sapon, Clean Energy & Transportation Advisor, by filling out the form below or giving him a call at 412-258-4539.