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Peoples Line Protection Programs

Most of us are too busy to worry about our gas lines, but the fact is, they may unexpectedly fail. Are you prepared to pay anywhere from $800 to $1,500 and take the time necessary to locate a contractor you can trust?

Your natural gas service and in-house lines are your responsibility. They can unexpectedly fail. Peoples can help.

Do you know what pipelines are your responsibility?

house pipeline images

Program Benefits

Peoples Line Protection Programs will give you the peace of mind of knowing:

  • costly repairs or replacements to your lines (based on programs you are enrolled in) are covered.
  • you will receive 24 hour claim response with a single phone call to Peoples.
  • you don't have to find your own contractor you can trust. All work will be completed by a qualified professional from the Peoples network.
  • your monthly charge for Peoples Line Protection Programs will appear on your gas bill.

Individual Programs

Individual Program list


Protection packages

The free program included in the bundled packages is good for a minimum of one year. If a program in the package is canceled or terminated, the free program amount becomes due. Complete Terms and Conditions are available. All offers subject to change or cancellation without notice.


Peoples Line Protection Programs can save hundreds of dollars in repairs, hours of wasted time, and provide complete peace of mind. To enroll today, call 1-866-215-1610.