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Important Upgrade to Peoples e-Account

On Tuesday, December 17th, we completed an upgrade to Peoples e-Account. Current e-Account users can visit peopleseaccount.com to login to the new Peoples e-Account using your existing username and password.

Peoples e-Account Mobile App: The previous e-Account mobile app is no longer available. To continue using the Peoples e-Account app, you must download the new app in Google Play or the App Store. You can then login using your existing e-Account username and password.

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Automated Meter Reading

  • An AMR device on a gas meter

Over the next few weeks, Peoples' contractors from Southern Cross will be installing Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices on Peoples and PTWP gas meters in certain neighborhoods. An AMR device uses radio technology to get a reading from your gas meter without a person having to physically look at the meter. As a specially-equipped vehicle drives by, the vehicle sends a signal to the device on your meter, which then sends the meter reading data to a computer in the vehicle. 

For this "smart meter" technology to work, an electronic device must be installed on existing gas meters. Once installed, the AMR device enables gas meters to be read remotely. This smart meter technology will eliminate the need for estimated bills, which can unexpectedly change based on the installation of new appliances, a change in the number of people living in the house, or many other factors. With automated meter reading each month, billing will be based on actual natural gas usage every month. Plus, automated smart meter devices eliminate the need for special appointments to read meters located inside a customer's property. 

Our contractors from Southern Cross will begin installing these meter devices onto Peoples and PTWP existing meters in September 2016, and will continue to move through neighborhoods through the end of the year. Peoples will be reaching out to these neighborhoods by mailing postcards to our customers in these areas. 

Southern Cross Logo

For those customers who receive the postcard from Peoples to have their meter updated, we want you to be aware that Southern Cross contractors will be the individuals installing these meters. These Southern Cross contractors can be identified by the logos on their trucks. In addition, they will be wearing fluorescent green colored shirts and will be carrying photo identification cards. If you need to report suspicious behavior or feel that someone is fraudulently representing themselves as Peoples’ contractors, call Peoples immediately at 1-800-764-0111 or call Southern Cross at 1-877-513-9903 to verify the contractor’s name and identification. Installers will need access to your gas meter to install an AMR device. Installation takes less than a half-hour and will not affect your gas service. There will be no charge for the installation of this new technology. 

If your meter is located outside, work can be completed without access to the inside of your property. Please keep the area around your meter clear, and remove any obstructions covering the meter. If the work cannot be completed due to a locked gate, blocked meter, etc., our contractor will leave a door hanger card with instructions on how to schedule a convenient installation time. If you meter is located inside your property, our contractor will need to enter your property. If no one answers when we visit, our contractor will leave a door hanger card with instructions on how to schedule a convenient installation time. 

We hope that by upgrading our meter reading technology on residential and commercial meters, we can work to avoid special meter reading appointments for inside meters, reduce the number of estimated bills, and improve Customer Service.

Since this is a five year project, you will receive a post card 10 days before we will be installing AMR devices in yoru area. If you have questions about when Southern Cross will be in your neighborhood specifically, please give them a call at 1-877-513-9903.