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Important Upgrade to Peoples e-Account

On Tuesday, December 17th, we completed an upgrade to Peoples e-Account. Current e-Account users can visit peopleseaccount.com to login to the new Peoples e-Account using your existing username and password.

Peoples e-Account Mobile App: The previous e-Account mobile app is no longer available. To continue using the Peoples e-Account app, you must download the new app in Google Play or the App Store. You can then login using your existing e-Account username and password.

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Save Money on Construction Heat with Natural Gas

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    Our experts are here to talk to you about how natural gas construction heat could be the perfect fit for your next build.

Natural gas construction heat is the “always ready” reliable solution to keeping your project on schedule and on budget.

Using natural gas for your construction heat can save you up to 60% compared to propane. With natural gas, you only pay for what you use, after you use it. You don’t have to worry about getting quotes and estimates for propane and dealing with paper invoices.

Natural gas construction heat is also more convenient as you move through your work site. No more waiting for fuel refills or waiting to relocate your propane tank. Natural gas is on-demand, and you’ll never run out of fuel. It’s always available when you need it.

By using natural gas construction heat in your residential, commercial, or industrial building, the meter is permanently set and gas is flowing long before the location is up and running. This speeds up the process and makes the transition to occupancy as simple and smooth as possible.

Additionally, natural gas has safety and workplace benefits beyond cost savings and efficiency. Bulky propane tanks can get in the way and pose a risk to your employees. Natural gas also dissipates up into the air instead of pooling on the ground like propane, reducing the risk of ignition. Natural gas heat also cures concrete and drywall faster, burns cleaner, and is more environmentally responsible than propane.

To ensure that we can meet your project timeline, we encourage you to reach out to Peoples early in your planning process.

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