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Name a Penguin

You get to name your kids, your dog, your cat...but how many people can say they named a penguin? Now, that person could be you!

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    An endangered African penguin at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh

As part of our partnership with the National Aviary, we were given the opportunity to name one of their African penguins. Thanks to everyone who sent in the great name suggestions.

Follow us on Twitter (@peoplesnatgas) to see the final four names and vote for your favorite! Our Twitter Poll will run from Monday, May 22 through Saturday, May 27.

  • Meet the Whole Colony

    Here's a list of all of the current African penguins at the National Aviary, to help you avoid these names:

    Stanley, Dottie, Elvis, Tribby, Patrick, Owen, Sidney, Bette, Kaden, Mary Beth, Disco Dan, Happy, Goldilocks, Kristen, Maggie

    The National Aviary is also in the process of naming Maggie's mate. Visitors to the Aviary can currently vote to name him Sphen, Archie, or Rocky.

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