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Builders and Developers

As a builder or developer, you have many energy options to choose from. But in terms of efficiency and reliability, you should look no further than natural gas.

Builders and developers choose natural gas because consumers prefer a clean, low-cost fuel for heating and cooking—and that's only just the beginning of the benefits of natural gas.

Builders choose natural gas because:

  • Home buyers prefer natural gas for heating; over three-quarters choose natural gas to heat their newly-built homes.
  • Busy young families appreciate the convenience of gas appliances for quicker cooking and clothes drying.
  • Gas water heaters give home buyers low energy costs and more hot water on demand.
  • Commercial building tenants prefer gas for convenience and low cost.
  • Conservation-minded consumers know natural gas is clean and efficient.

Developers choose natural gas because:

  • Using locally produced gas from the Marcellus Shale basin promotes economic development in local communities.
  • Peoples is a Pittsburgh company that promotes a vibrant economy in the regions we serve. Contact us to find out how we can partner with you for a successful development project.

Design professionals choose natural gas because:

  • High efficiency natural gas equipment can help support green building certifications.
  • Natural gas equipment helps support an Energy Star rating on a new home.

Get Construction Heat

Don't pay outrageous prices for other fuels, when you can take advantage of the low natural gas prices for your temporary construction heat needs.

Peoples Natural Gas can provide your company with temporary gas service for your construction heat needs. Using Peoples Natural Gas construction heat services will save your company money and provide you with a reliable and abundant fuel that will come directly to you. No need to anticipate your fuel needs and pre-order in estimated qualities. Get exactly what you need, when you need it!

Get the process started today. Fill out a Gas Application with the temporary heating equipment you will be using. 

Commercial Building or Development

Peoples can provide natural gas services to your new construction projects. Whether its one home or an entire development, we've got you covered! Follow the steps below to get the process started today.

Step 1: Review our Service Finder Map

Further information will be required to determine if a tap or mainline extension will be needed. (There could be a cost associated with extending our services to the property)

Step 2: Request letter of gas availability, if needed

  • A letter of gas availability is used to provide verification that gas is available near the proposed project area.
  • Further information will be needed to determine if a tap or mainline extension will be needed. There may be a cost associated with extending our services to the property.

Step 3: Complete a Gas Application

  • Complete a gas application to provide load information and project specifics - including sending an Auto Cad File (.dwg file). This information will be sent to our design and planning departments.
  • Your gas application will be evaluated and it will be determined if a tap or mainline extension is needed to serve your project.
  • If a mainline extension is required, you will work directly with a sales representative to sign a line extension agreement to prepare for the installation of the mainline to get to gas to the new service address.

Step 4: Receive Approval Letter for your project

A letter of approval will be sent out by our operations department once a tap or mainline extension is approved internally and is ready to be installed.

Step 5: Schedule Install (if a mainline extension is needed)

  • If a mainline extension is required, you will need to coordinate with Peoples to schedule this install.
  • You will receive contact information for the construction supervisor that has been assigned to your project.
  • Notify the construction supervisor when you are ready for your install. Ensure that you have provided this information with at least 6 weeks lead time to allow for scheduling.

Step 6: House Line Installation

  • This consists of the pipeline from where Peoples service line is tapped (at the property line, where a curb box is installed) to where the meter is set. The customer/developer is responsible for installing this line, which will need to be put in by your plumber or contractor. Here is a list of Operator Qualified Plumbers in our service territory.
  • Once this step has been completed, a Service Installation Record form will need to be submitted to Peoples. This indicates that the line has been installed and tested by your plumber/contractor.

Step 7: Service Line Tap/Meter Set

  • A Service Installation Record form will need to be submitted to Peoples. This indicates that the line has been installed and tested by your plumber.
  • Peoples will then inspect the pipeline that your plumber has installed. If it passes inspect, the tap can take place and the meter can be set.
  • If it the line does not pass inspection, it will be red tagged. The issues must be addressed and another Service Installation Record will need to be submitted to Peoples.
  • For status updates on your tap and meter set, please call us at 412-395-5550 or email us at marketing@peoples-gas.com

Step 8: Service Turn-on

When you are ready for your gas service to be turned on, please call our Customer Service department at 1-800-764-0111 to schedule the turn on.