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Peoples and the Environment

We are constantly working hard to help protect the environment for our families, customers, communities, and future generations. Our commitment to the environment is one of our core pillars, and it is woven into everything we do.

Our commitment to preserving the environment starts with our product itself. Many people don't realize that natural gas is the cleanest of fossil fuels. In fact, natural gas is an extremely important resource for reducing pollution and maintaining a clean and healthy environment. It can be used in many ways to help reduce the emissions of pollutants into the air, since it produces 45% less carbon dioxide than coal and 27% less than oil.

We are constantly striving to improve our processes and infrastructure in order to actively contribute to a cleaner environment. As a customer, you can rest assured that using natural gas will save you money over other fuel sources...and it will also help to save the environment, too.

It’s easy to say we should stop using certain energy sources. For engineers and other thoughtful leaders, it’s clear that transitions from trillions of dollars of infrastructure to new systems will take a long time. In the meantime, we should focus on innovation that improves what we have at hand, while showing more concern for lower-income energy consumers.

- Peoples CEO Morgan O'Brien

Partnerships and Programs

  • Tree Pittsburgh and TreeVitalize Pittsburgh

    We’re partnering with Tree Pittsburgh and TreeVitalize Pittsburgh to grow the tree population of Allegheny County. We are committed to protecting the environment, and with more trees along roadways, we can also reduce runoff and make our roads safer! Last year, our employees planted trees alongside two of our pipeline restoration projects.
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  • The National Aviary

    Last year, we helped the National Aviary raise $35,000 to support their Avian Conservation Fund. If you've never visited the Aviary, you're missing out! Stop by for the chance to see some amazing things...like the work they do to protect African Penguins. And be sure to take a look at this 360 video of a penguin feeding!
  • Westmoreland Conservation District

    Peoples' partnership with the Westmoreland Conservation District started in the late 1960s when one of our employees, J. Roy Houston, began to get involved with the organization. Roy then became the District's chairman and its greatest champion, and was an advocate for the WCD for four decades. Today, we continue to uphold Roy's legacy by not only supporting the Westmoreland Conservation District and all of the phenomenal work they do, but by finding new ways we, at Peoples, can make conservation a part of our everyday practices. 

    "For 65 years, the Westmoreland Conservation District has been successfully encouraging loggers, earthmovers, developers, farmers, and others whose daily work directly affects our natural resources to voluntarily incorporate conservation practices in their projects, and so protect the quality of the soil, forests, and streams." We are proud to support this mission, and we look forward to continuing our partnership and our friendship for many years to come. 

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  • Providing Lead Filters to PWSA Customers

    We believe that protecting our water supply is crucial to the health of the environment and to all people who live in this region. That's why we volunteered to invest $500,000 in the City of Pittsburgh's Safe Water Plan.

    In response to recent concerns about lead levels in the water, this plan aims to provide free lead filters to every Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority and Pennsylvania American Water Co. customer in the City of Pittsburgh. 

    As our CEO Morgan O’Brien put it in his Facebook Live video, “Some might look at it as untraditional—a gas company stepping in to help a water company—but the reality is, we look at it as helping our customers.”

  • Supporting the River Alert Information Network (RAIN)

    When we first connected with RAIN, their mission instantly resonated with us. We are dedicated to safely delivering natural gas to our customers and protecting our natural resources throughout that process, and RAIN’s commitment to safeguarding our water supply feeds into that goal.

    We are passionate about reducing our own carbon footprint, but we want to take our environmental commitment beyond the safe transportation of natural gas. By supporting RAIN and other similar organizations, we hope to further protect our communities and environment.

    Why RAIN Matters
  • Taking a Proactive Approach to Reduce Methane

    In 2016, we joined 32 other natural gas utilities to launch the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program. These 33 founding partners serve 66% of the natural gas customers in the nation. 

    As a founding partner of the Methane Challenge, we believe that this program is an essential piece of our commitment to preserve the environment. To uphold our commitment, we will continue to make infrastructure improvements and introduce new technology that will help to significantly reduce methane emissions.

    With that in mind, we are working with the Environmental Defense Fund, Google, and Carnegie Mellon University to leverage their cutting-edge technologies and resources. By using Google Street View cars to map methane emissions around the City of Pittsburgh, we will be able to better prioritize pipeline repair and replacement efforts.

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