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Contributions Request by Mail

Thank you for your request for a contribution from Peoples.

Peoples is committed to making lives better in the region where our employees live and work. We are proud to support organizations and projects that improve our communities. Priority is given to activities which support Direct Human Services; Economic Development; and the Environment. Because we receive a large number of requests, we request a minimum lead time of 60 days for consideration and approval.

To submit a request, you will need to:

Mail request to:

Community Relations Dept.
Peoples Natural Gas LLC
375 North Shore Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Proposal Guidelines:

Please provide information about the project. Include the information below in your narrative.
Please limit your response to a maximum of three paragraphs.

  • Project name and goals
  • Project start and end dates
  • Geographical area(s) to be served
  • Audiences served, including diversity
  • Estimated number of people impacted (adults/children)
  • Total project cost
  • Requested grant amount
  • Other sources of financial support
  • Any recognition or benefits offered (e.g. ad, title sponsorship, tickets)
  • How did you hear about the Peoples Natural Gas Corporate Contribution Program?