Peoples E-Account provides all your account information at your fingertips 24/7! Pay your bill online, monitor your gas usage, enter a meter reading and more.

Billing Options

Peoples Natural Gas offers billing options:

Budget Billing

Say goodbye to seasonal fluctuations in your gas bills. On the Budget Billing Plan, your gas usage is averaged over the past 12 months, then adjusted for current rates. Call us to receive your budget amount or to enroll.


    • Budget Billing spreads higher bills over long periods. Actual or estimated meter readings, gas usage and gas costs appear on your monthly bills.

    • Your budget amount is reviewed periodically and may be increased or decreased based on significant changes in your gas usage or rates.

    • At budget review, any remaining account balance is automatically adjusted into your new budget amount.

    • You can enroll for Budget Billing or leave the plan at any time.

    • When you leave the plan, your account balance is due in full.

    • While on the Budget Billing Plan:

    • Keep the plan in order by paying only the budget amount (not your current charges or the actual account balance) on each bill.

  • Stay on the plan by making sure to pay the budget amount by the due date each month. We also do not grant credit extensions or payment agreements if you're on Budget Billing.

Third Party Notice

Peoples Third Party Notice lets any customer designate a friend, relative, clergyperson, or even a social service agency to be notified before service is terminated for nonpayment.

The third party receives the same notification as the customer of any past-due amount and the date the payment is due. He or she can then help the customer take steps to make sure service continues uninterrupted. The third party is never obligated to pay the bill.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Third Party Notice, please complete and submit our mail-in request form.

 Third Party Guarantor

Third Party Guarantor allows an individual (the "Guarantor") to agree to be legally responsible for the gas charges at a service address where another individual (Guaranteed Customer") resides.

The "Guarantor" will be held legally responsible for and agree to pay all charges, including any missed payments, on the "Guaranteed Customer's" account through the date of termination of the guaranty.

In the event the "Guaranteed Customer" or "Guarantor" changes residence, the guarantor agreement will remain binding.

Peoples will annually review the account history of each customer who has provided a gurantor. Once the "Guaranteed Customer" satisfies the requirements as in Chapter 56.53 of the Pennsylvania Code, Peoples Natural Gas shall release all further responsibility from the account.

Peoples Natural Gas may obtain a consumer report from a consumer credit reporting agency to determine the credit worthiness of a "Guarantor."